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Is a revolving door really necessary? June 23, 2009

Posted by bamafanonly in education, hope, Justice system, Life Lessons, Pregnant in Prison, prison, second chances, Statistics, Uncategorized, women in prison.

From the first day of my incarceration almost 10 years ago, I found myself with a burning question.  Why do I keep seeing the same women get released and in no time they are walking right back through the door?

So, being the laid back, easy to get along with personality that I am, I had to ask. 

This one lady, not quite 30 years old, had returned for the 5th time on a small, menial charge to Federal Prison.  When I approached her with my question, she quickly stated that the reason she keeps coming back is that none of her kid’s father’s help financially or emotionally, so she will do something to catch a charge and that way she knows that her kids will be fed and clothed either by a Foster parent or a relative, and she will get fed and have a bed. 

I quickly saw this was as honest of an answer as she knew or she had convinced herself that this was all she deserved due to guilt or abuse.  Now that I look back, as many times as we sat and talked, she never really revealed much about her past in depth except little inserts here and there that it was pretty damaging to her self worth.

And trust me the number of women in prison that have done or are doing the same thing is staggering beyond belief! So, my take on this is that how can these women continuosly outsmart the tax paying citizens, outsmart the Government bodies who use the ‘ put ’em way and maybe we won’t see them’ thought process by those wonderful Mandatory Minimums, and don’t look into the individual prisons and see that the programs aren’t being used effectively, yet they are the same people who paying for it to happen.  Has it not ever occurred to any of these people that if these women had a little hope and a little useable Life Skill techniques and not just a once in a while class or list that is read to the inmates and has no bearing on what all is available and the process it is when you are released with the intentions of never returning.  Hell, to get my drivers liscense was an absolute nightmare.!! 

If it had occurred to anyone, they would see that the people they are condeming are the exact same ones who are outsmarting them?


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