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My Education while incarcerated… June 23, 2009

Posted by bamafanonly in hope.
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This is one thing I could count on as I went through the day to day affairs of my life:A DARK CLOUD
You see, I was one of those really brilliant teenagers who could get by in high school and not have to worry about the future because once I skated through high school, I knew all there was to know and didn’t need any further learning to get through life!

Not really what you would call ‘street smart,’ but, common sense was on my side and I could say I had a High School diploma. What else could a person need to start being an adult? If I get on the wrong track, my parents will help me pick up the pieces and move on and I really don’t seek to be a role model for anyone .

That was my way of looking at things.

Does anyone ever really know how their life can change in the blink of an eye? I promise you….they don’t!

But, what is truly amazing is that some of the greatest answers come in the darkest and most unusual places, which is why I feel like through even the worst experience of my life, I was blessed.

A PASSING CLOUD….As I go through my day to day affairs now, in this place, I know I am here, but, I no longer hold my head down and wonder, “what if…”.
Now, I am taking action!

I am a female inmate in a Federal Prison Camp.
But, the great thing is that I know this is only A PASSING CLOUD…..
I know because I am growing.

I am growing because I am learning.

I am learning because I am adding layers to my foundation of life, one step at a time, with education.

What a word! EDUCATION.

It provides all the tools to success…career, smart choices, decisions, speaking, family values, wealth, knowledge, sympathy, empathy, advancement, and above all, direction and self worth!

LEARNING! The answer was so simple all along that I don’t quite understand why so many people never get it!

Simply put…when you get it, it gives you freedom and growth. Growth like you’ve never known, answers you’ve never had, and choices that would be permanently untouchable and unreachable without it!

How did I miss it?

How do so many people miss it?

We, as a society, are so quick to make excuses for the reasons we DON’T need it, that, just like myself, we overlook the many, positive reasons we should explore and emphasize it!

I shudder to think of the many lost souls that I am surrounded by who have never experienced learning and the freedom it gives you when you set forth on a path of education.

As I sit in my classes at the Prison Camp, I am so engrossed in what I am learning that I feel as though I have been free forever even though I am, as society says, ’locked up.’

I will not be a statistic. And I will not allow anyone to treat me as one. I have something now that I have earned that most people search for all of their life. What I have is SELF WORTH and DIGNITY! 

I have ammunition! I have all of the tools to be a successful, kind ,contributing member of society.

I came to Prison five years ago, pregnant, confused, hurt and lonely.
And above all, with a lot of shame and guilt, with absolutely no direction.

With the ammunition I have now, I will be leaving here a positive, humble driven and confident woman.

I have a new love called EDUCATION!… My partner in life. I will share it with everyone because it is too special to be selfish with.

Knowledge, hope, wisdom, self worth, direction and confidence. The sky is the limit!

This silver lining will assure that my DARK CLOUD will always be a PASSING CLOUD because there are only sunny days for my future.

Written by: Lynne

update- 6 years after my release, I have close to a six figure income/career, full custody of that child that was born while I was incarcerated and I have great hope that all incarcerated people can take this path of education and never go back to the life they lived to get them put in prison..