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Really? You don’t want a 2nd chance??? November 17, 2009

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My dad told me when I was very young that if you screw up and then get a second chance, you better give it all you’ve got because friends, society, employers, coaches, etc..rarely ever give you a 3rd chance.
Chris Brown, Michael Vick and countless others screwed up. That’s for sure! But, why are there people in the greatest country of all want to condemn them for life?
And, I think what perplexes me the most is that, especially with these guys/performers/atheletes, is why don’t we, as a society, push them to learn from their mistakes and give them a chance to redeem themselves so that they can take that experience and teach so many other people about what it took to learn from their mistakes? It seems like the more positive approach would be best served so that they can reach the broad audience that most of us can’t.
Look at yourself in the mirror….have you ever lied, cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend, cheated on a test, had prejudice thoughts, lied to your parents, etc? And did you get caught and want a second chance? Of course you have and of course you wanted a second chance and probably got one.
O.k. I know some errors in judgement are sometimes somewhat worse than others, but, to you, at the time you got caught, didn’t you think it was horrible and you just wanted to climb under a rock? Imagine how these high profile people feel when they are dragged throught he mud in public and then they have to redeem themselves to millions of people? What must that be like…?
It just seems like we want to judge some people on a mistake they made and we expected to be forgiven for ours.
Think about it……u

Pregnant in Prison…THERE IS HOPE!!! July 17, 2009

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Just wanted to share a brief piece:
10 years ago I was 6 weeks pregnant and sentenced to 150 months (12 1/2 years) in Federal Prison on a Drug Conspiracy charge. I was told by the pretrial officer that even though this was my first offense, I would most likely be allowed 12 hours with my baby when he was born and would be shackled, due to the length of my sentence, during the birth. Thank God that I had a Case Mngr. that fought tooth and nail for me and I was entered into the MINT Program. (Mothers and Infants Together). As I researched this program and the Justice system, I realized that I was one of the first Female Inmates with a sentence over 10 years to be accepted into this program. As soon as I gave birth and got to spend 3 months with my son, take him home to be placed, self reported (again) to the Federal Facility, my sentence was reduced to 5 years thanks to a co-defendent. What if I had been catoragized as the ‘MONSTER’, ‘BAD PERSON’ etc… society is so convinced we are? I would not have had the results with my beautiful son that I had. He is much better today at 10, I truly believe, because he got that binding time with me.
Now, let me tell you what one piece of hope can do for a person who has ultimately lost all hope. In the 5 years that I did not see him, my ultimate goal was to better his life than the way it began. I earned 2 business degrees while incarcerated, 48 self help certificates and awards, self worth that I had never had, and went through pretrial, 5 years in prison, 3 years parole worked 3 jobs after my release and rode the City Transit system to all 3 jobs, never late, met all meeting requirements-never late and all throughout this process I never recieved a negative mark on my record. I vowed that it I got a second chance and a little hope I would never let him feel the pain I felt for the way I brought him into this world.
Today, 5 years after my release, I’m close to a six figure income and have full custody of a well adjusted son. He is 10 now.
All women and men in prison aren’t what society has envisioned. A conspiracy charge is the charge they don’t have to prove, although, in my case, I wasn’t innocent in that my lifestyle was not one of a good contributing member of society. I was messed up, addicted and was being swallowed up by a lifestyle that I truly didn’t know how to get away from. But, I was raised in a good and nurturing home and once I had the skills to adjust and love life without the drugs again, my true self came out and I earned enough college credits for 2 associates degress and became a certified parallegal while incarcerated and now earn just under a 6 figure income and that is due to being comfortable with placing him comfortably and bonding with my son, so that I could get ME better so that HE could be better in life. Going to prison was the 2nd chance I needed to get back on track.
So, please, before anyone puts all inmates who are pregnant in prison, ask yourself one question? How would you want it to be for your daughter if by some crazy chance it happened to them? That’s the question my dad asked himself when he was hit with the fact that his only daughter was going to prison-pregnant with his grandchild! Think about what hope and prayer could do for them!

I want my tax dollars to go for programs that I have experienced myself that I know work…it’s obvious that the old ‘Lock ’em up and maybe we won’t see them’ mentality isn’t quite making the numbers in the right direction…